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Today Mogilyov has 11 twin-cities, 11 cities-partners, with 4 cities are signed the reports on intentions on cooperation establishment: Southern (Ukraine), Cheng-chou (the Chinese National Republic), Barinas (Bolivariansky Republic Venezuela), Khabarovsk (Russian Federation), is studied a question on establishment of communications with the city of Haifa (State Israel).


Penza (Russia)

The contract about sworn brotherhood between cities is signed in September, 2009.

The city of Penza is the city district, the administrative, industrial and cultural centre of the Penza area and has favourable geostrategic position. The city of Penza is in the centre of the European part of Russia, 650 km to the southeast from Moscow on crossing of the largest transport corridors: the Euroasian transport corridor (Trans-Siberian Railway); a corridor the North-south, Federal motorway М-5 (Moscow — Chelyabinsk). The area of the city of Penza — 288,5 sq. km. The administrative centre population — 507,8 thousand.

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Tula (Russia)

The centre — city-hero Tula, was founded in 1146. A population of Tula (by the beginning of 1997) — 573.2 thousand people including without working settlements subordinated to city administration — 524.6 thousand people.

A contract with the city of Tula was made in 1998. It is necessary to note, that the initiators of contract signing were the veterans of 172-nd shooting division which was formed in Tula. For a number of years, the relations between cities have been going in various directions (including trade and economic).

Nowadays cooperation is brought into effect in the following fields: culture, sports, medicine, tourism. Delegations of the cities constantly participate in various actions held in the cities of Mogilev and Tula.

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Kerch (The Ukraine)

Kerch — is one of the eternal cities of the world. It is 26 centuries old. It is a city of people of various nationalities, a huge variety of cultures and traditions. The population of the city makes up 156 thousand people of more than 100 nationalities.

The contract about the establishment of sworn-brothers relations with the Ukrainian city of Kerch was signed on November, 12, 1998 in Mogilev. Relations between the cities can be characterized as constant, but not supported by concrete actions.

In reply to our offer on cooperation in different areas we received the answer with offer of tourism and rest in Kerch. The delegation of the city of Kerch took part in the Day of city in Mogilev.

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Villerbann (France)

The City of Villerbann — the contract about cooperation was signed in 1979. For many years basically cultural and humanitarian contacts were maintained in the specificity of relations with Villerbann. At the same time, the relations have discontinued for the last 4-5 years.

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Bardejov (Slovakia)

A contract about the establishment of friendly ties between the cities of Mogilev and Bardejov (Republic Slovakia) was signed in March, 1996. Delegations from the city of Mogilev repeatedly left for Bardejov for participation in musical festivals, fairs, etc. Business-meetings with the participation of business circles of city of Bardejov were held in the city of Mogilev. The Agreement on cooperation between commercial and industrial chambers of two cities was also entered into. In the present the Embassy of Belorussia in Slovakia offers to establish friendly relations with the city of Preshov.

The letter was directed to Embassy with the request to promote revival of the relations with Bardejov and, simultaneously, to consider an opportunity of the mayor's of the city of Preshov visit to Mogilev.

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Gabrovo (Bulgaria)

Gabrovo — is a city in Bulgaria, on the river Yantra. It has about 81 thousand inhabitants (1988). The centre of textile and tannery-shoe industry. Mechanical engineering. Tourism (Shipka mountain pass). The city is beautiful with its mountain air and surrounding verdure. It is well-known for the palace of humour and joke which became an inseparable part of Gabrovers. Numerous funny histories are told about their gumption and avarice.

In June, 1988 the contract about cooperation between the cities of Gabrovo and Mogilev was signed. Owing to the break of political and economic relations, caused by the disintegration of the USSR, the established contacts between two cities were broken. The contract, which validity expired in 1990, was not prolonged. Later the arrangement with municipal authorities of Gabrovo about restoration of friendly relations was achieved. The delegation from Gabrovo took part in celebration of the 730-anniversary of the city of Mogilev.

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Klaipeda (Lithuania)

The Contract about restoration of sworn-brothers relations between Mogilev and Klaipeda was signed in August, 1997. The relations between the cities are constant, stable, basically in the field of culture (youth, creative collectives' participation in various actions). The chamber chorus of Klaipeda “Aukuras” took part in the festival “Magutny Bozha” this year. In the current year the delegation of Mogilev has taken part in celebratory actions devoted to the Day of the city.

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Wloclawek (Poland)

Wloclawek — is a city in Poland, port on Visla, administrative centre of Wloclawek province. 122 thousand inhabitants (1990). Chemical, machine-building, pulp-and-paper, food-processing industry.

In December, 1995 the contract about getting brotherly cities was signed. The relations between the cities have mostly cultural and sports orientation: constant participation in the Days of the cities of delegations of Wloclavek and Mogilev, participation of creative and sports commands in various actions held in the cities. Recently the relations with Wloclawek have got activated.

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Eisenach (Germany)

The contract about establishment of sworn-brothers relations between the cities of Mogilev and Eisenach (Germany) was signed in 1996 . For a long time relations between the cities had constant character (Joint-Stock Company “Tehnopark” Mogilev). Recently the relations have weakened, but not ceased.

There is a periodical correspondence between mayoralties of the cities. Children of Mogilev spend time in Eisenach for sanitation. Periodically creative and youth collectives take part in various actions held in Eisenach. In reply to our letter on cooperation the answer with offers of German side has been received. The delegation of Eisenach planned to take part in Mogilev city holiday in 2003 (visas were open and tickets were bought), but the participants could not arrive to Mogilev because of the illness. Recently we have received an invitation from Eisenach to take part in the actions devoted to the Iogan Sebastien Bah's 500-anniversary.

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Kragujevac (Serbia)

The agreement is concluded on May, 6th, 2006.

Zvenigirod (Russian Federation)

The contract is concluded on November, 9th, 2006.


Areas of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

The contract about cooperation between Mogilev city executive committee and authorities of “Sokolinaya gora” area of East administrative district of Moscow was signed on June, 29, 2001. The contract stipulates cooperation in various fields: economy, trade, housing and communal services, art, culture, tourism, sports. The same contract was signed in September, 2002 with Kolpinskij administrative area of Saint Petersburg.

It is necessary to note, that cooperation with these two cities is the most active and has various directions (constantly conducted exhibitions — fairs, participation of children's, creative collectives in various cultural actions, participation in sports competitions, etc.)

Ekaterinburg (Russian Federation)

The agreement on the establishment and development of economic, scientific and technical and a cultural contacts is signed on June, 10th, 2004.

Wittenberg (Germany)

The report on intentions on cooperation is signed in October, 2002 and annually plans of mutual cooperation are affirm.

Balashikha (Russian Federation)

The agreement on trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation is signed on May, 10th, 2006.

Phochhon (Republic Korea)

The agreement on economic, cultural, youth and administrative exchanges is signed on July, 18th, 2005.

The Frunze region of St.-Petersburg (Russian Federation)

The friendship certificate is signed in April, 2006.

Asti (Italy)

The declaration of intent is signed on September, 19th, 2004.

Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation)

The cooperation agreement in trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural spheres is signed on September, 19th, 2001.

Vologda (Russian Federation)

The cooperation agreement is signed on June, 29th, 2003.

Sumgait (the Azerbaijan Republic)

The agreement on an establishment and development trade and economic, scientific and technical and cultural contact is signed on May, 15th, 2008.

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