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Attention of organizations and individual entrepreneurs!

From 1 January 2014 changed the payee details for placement (distribution) of outdoor advertising:

Payee: GU MF RB Mogilev region, UNP: 700451296, account number: 3602702000482, code 536, payment code 05519, branch 700 MOU of JSC "Belarusbank".

Current account

Current Account Mogilev city executive committee for transfer of funds earned at the national work day: № 3641017440541 branch number 700 in Mogilev regional management of the public company Comments "Savings Bank "Belarusbank" code 536 700 123 787 UNN.

Religious procession in honor of the Mother of God Belynichi procession started from Mogilev
On the roof of the main post office established vane as the emblem of the city of Mogilev
In Mogilev laid flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin
Centralized testing in Belarus will be held from 14 to 28 June, the reserve day July 5
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageBelarus has approved the schedule of centralized testing in 2014, the press center of the Ministry of Education.

Mogilev city Department of Emergency Situations informs
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageEve Radunitsa citizens attend the burial place of their loved ones in order to remove debris. At the same time while cleaning the cemetery many burn garbage, dry grass, which, in turn, is strictly prohibited.

In Mogilev celebrate International Earth Day
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageThis holiday came late 19th century, its origins - is an action carried out in Nebraska USA group of volunteers, led by Sterling Morton, who carried out planting trees for planting prairie.

In the executive committee
Graph off hot water in Mogilev
23.04.2014, Wednesday

ImageHot water in Mogilev will disconnect from May 13. This told the Head of Energy, Transport and Communications' management utilities "Mogilev Svetlana Kupreyeva.

From April 22 to May 21, will be held a month of safety and prevention of occupational injuries
23.04.2014, Wednesday

Image3 months of 2014 in the city of Mogilev organizations there have been 16 accidents at work, which affected 16 employees, including 9 accidents with severe outcome, accidents, fatalities have been recorded. The main causes of the accidents were the reduction of labor and production discipline on the part of workers and the weakening of control by the officials of the organizations.

In Mogilev laid flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageApril 22 marked 144 years since the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), the leader of the October Revolution, a man who changed the course of history, and for several generations of the Soviet Union, became a symbol of the world revolutionary communist movement, a reference in matters of politics, economics and society.

"Fire color" - a festival of culture and creativity
24.04.2014, Thursday

ImageApril 24 at 17.00 in the Institution of Culture "Mogilev Regional Library named after VI Leni " will summarize the Festival of Culture and Creativity "Fire color". Will summarize the art contest "Guiding Star", presented awards to winners will be held literary and musical composition with creative teams that participated in the festival.

"Mogilev - Cultural Capital: Day by Day"
24.04.2014, Thursday

ImageColorful album "Mogilev - Cultural Capital: Day by Day" released in the Central City Library named after Karl Marx. This was reported by the cultural institution.

Mogilev History Museum is preparing to publish an album of ancient drawings
23.04.2014, Wednesday

ImageA unique collection of ancient drawings prepared for publication Mogilev museum staff the city's history. Thanks to the active sponsorship, museum workers have created a valuable collection of works 17-18 centuries that reflect well on urban architecture and life of that time. Each illustration in the album are original comments, which will fully convey the spirit of the time and especially the era in which they were created image.

Economy and production
Belarus on July 22, will be banned from sale of beer in containers of more than 2 liters
23.04.2014, Wednesday

ImageSales of beer in containers of more than 2 liters will be banned in Belarus since 22 July 2014. This is provided for the Council of Ministers № 367 of April 18, 2014, which was officially published on the National Legal Internet Portal.

Child benefits will increase from May
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageChild benefits will increase from May of this year. This was reported by Minister of Labour and Social Protection Marianna Shchetkina today during a telephone hotline and online-reception.

Mogilev railcar prepares to release new products
22.04.2014, Tuesday

ImageAt Mogilev Carriage Works manufactured prototypes of a new generation of universal gondola and innovative truck BARBER. This was done in accordance with the agreement on a strategic partnership with the Russian Company "United Carriage Company", signed last year.

Tournament for prizes Tatiana Petrenya held in Mogilev
16.04.2014, Wednesday

ImageMogilev will be an open national tournament trampoline and tumbling for prizes master of sports of international class, world and European champion, Olympic participant Tatiana Petrenya «Double Twist».

During the World Cup hunting complexes Belarus prepared to accept almost one thousand tourists
16.04.2014, Wednesday

Во время ЧМ охотничьи комплексы Беларуси готовы принять почти 1 тыс. туристовHunting complexes Belarus ready to take during the World Cup almost one thousand tourists, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Forestry Ruzhena Nowicka.

Competition on fighting
14.04.2014, Monday

Чемпионат Республики Беларусь по рукопашному боюFrom 10 to 12 April passes Competition on fighting, which was attended by 11 teams from law enforcement agencies of the country and several sports federations.

The "gray" goods continue to identify tax in commerce entrepreneurs Mogilev
24.04.2014, Thursday

ImageThe confiscation of the goods in the total amount of 50.9 million rubles accepted Economic Court of Mogilev region, on the consideration of case operational audits of individual entrepreneurs, conducted since the beginning of the year inspection MHC Oktyabrsky district of Mogilev. This was reported in the press center of the inspection MHC Belarus Mogilev region.

April 25 - A Common Road Safety Day
23.04.2014, Wednesday

ImageAlready open season fans of two-wheeled transport. Practice shows that this kind of movement is very dangerous.

Fire in dorm evacuated 41 people
23.04.2014, Wednesday

Image23.04.2014 at 00-57 in OAC Mogilev GOChS watchman was reported fire alarm and fire in a dorm room on the street Krupskaya in Mogilev.

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22-26 April 2014 - European Immunization Week
22.04.2014, Tuesday
"Hot Line" about the improvement and maintenance of settlements
21.04.2014, Monday
"Labour Protection Service enterprise (organization)" conducts the training and retraining of Internal Auditors
15.04.2014, Tuesday
Direct Line
02.04.2014, Wednesday
General Directorate of National Bank of Belarus Mogilev region will "hot line"
27.03.2014, Thursday
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